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USSSA Points

How they work

All teams who play in USSSA Events and have added their roster to the USSSA site will earn Ranking Points. These points are used to seed teams in My NIT, the State Tournament, and USSSA World Series and National Events. The more tournaments a team participates in and the higher they finish, the better seed they can get in the aforementioned tournaments.

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Some Events offer more points.  Battle at Lincoln is a 2x Points Event where teams will earn double points for that weekend. The 6th Annual Battle of the Rings this year is a 6x Points event. 

Qualifying Events

All of our C Division Tournaments are Qualifying Events. Teams that participate in at least 2 Qualifiers can play in the State Tournament.

Please note new for 2018 all teams playing in USSSA events are required to have their roster online and guardian approved. Our directors will be checking this before every event. If you have any issues with getting your roster online or the guardian approval process please visit our How To Section for more information or Contact Us and we can help.
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