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2018 Indiana USSSA Tournament Rules Click Here

2019 National  USSSA Tournament Rules Click Here

2019 Guest Player Changes

















The chart above shows Guest Player Eligibility for all age groups for the 2019 Season



To enter an online roster you do that on the national website at USSSA.COM. You must sanction first and once assigned a team account you will be able to add your roster online. Go to the How to tab for instructions on where and how  to sanction. Rosters for USSSA are all electronic and parent/guardian signatures/verification approvals are also required electronically. Please follow the instructions we have set up on the How To Page here.

8u Rules

RULE 17.  COACH PITCH and MACHINE PITCH RULES Play will be governed by USSSA Rule Book, unless specified in this section.


1. Ball: 11-inch USSSA approved ball, optic yellow in color with a maximum compression of 375# and a COR rating of 46.25 +/- 0.75 will be used.


2. Innings: A regulation game shall be seven (7) innings for World Series play.


3. Time Limits: World Series and 7 inning games shall have a 75 minute limit. Games can end in a tie during pool play. Bracket games that are tied at the end of regulation or upon completion of an inning with time expired shall go to the International Tie-Breaker method


4. Runs per Inning:  A maximum of 6 runs can be scored each inning by each team.


5. Run Rule:  As per Rule 4 Section 4, the run rule will be 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, and 8 runs after 5 innings. If time has expired and either team is behind and cannot catch up or go ahead, the game shall be over immediately.


6. Offensive Lineup: The batting lineup may be any number from eight (8) to all players present.  An automatic out will be taken if only eight (8) batters.  When batting more than eight (8),  if any position in the batting order is left open due to injury, illness, or ejection it will be an automatic out if a sub is not available.


7. Defensive Positions: The defensive team must have a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of ten (10) defensive players in the field, but no more than six (6), including the catcher, can be positioned inside the infield baselines.  NOTE: The use of a DP/Flex is not allowed. All players listed on the lineup card will hit. Coach pitch only: The player pitcher must have at least one foot in the pitcher’s circle when the batter’s coach is pitching. No other defensive players may be positioned inside the pitcher’s circle at the same time. The outfield is defined as the turf area on a regulation sized youth field or at least 10 feet beyond the baselines for other playing surfaces. Machine Pitch only: At the start of the pitch, one player shall be in the pitcher’s position on either side of the pitching machine with one foot on the side line of the 6 foot diameter circle.  The pitcher cannot leave their position until the ball comes out of the machine.


8. Batting: The batter will receive five pitches or three swinging strikes, whichever occurs first.  Each pitch will count as one of the five even if the batter does not swing.  If the fifth pitch is hit (not bunted) foul the batter will remain at bat as long as they continue to foul off pitches. 

a. Bunting is optional at the discretion of the Tournament Director. If bunting is allowed it shall be done with the following provisions:  A player may square to bunt and pull back.  A batter CAN NOT square to bunt, pull back, and then either hit or bunt the ball.  If the batter does this they will be called out.  No runners advance.  A bunt that is fouled on the third strike or fifth pitch results in the batter being out.
b. The batter is out on a third strike whether caught or uncaught.

c. There shall be no Base on Balls (walk) awarded.

d. Batters hit by a pitch will not be awarded 1st base.


9. The infield fly rule is not in effect. The ball remains “live” with all runners in jeopardy of being put out or advancing.


10. A runner may not leave a base until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand/pitching machine.  Penalty for leaving early; runner will be called out, no pitch is called.


11. Stealing:  A runner may not steal.


12. Time will be called when a defensive player has possession of the ball in advance of the lead runner or the ball is returned to the player pitcher with at least one foot on the side line of the pitcher’s circle. If a runner is more than half way to the next base when time is called, the runner will be awarded the next base. If they are not half way to the next base when time is called they will be returned to the previous base safely. The defensive team may have a maximum of 3 defensive conferences per game.


13. Additional Coaches: In addition to base coaches, only a coach in the pitcher’s circle is allowed on the field of play.  The pitching coach/machine pitch coach may only coach the batter prior to the pitch.  He/she may not coach the batter-runner at ANY time. Machine Pitch only: after a batter hits the ball, the pitching coach shall make an attempt to duck or crouch behind the pitching machine and should stay inside the circle away from the play.  Coach pitch only: The pitching coach must make an effort to avoid interfering with the play. If in the umpire’s judgment, a coach interferes unintentionally with the batted ball and/or defensive play, the ball will be declared dead and the pitch replayed.  If in the umpire’s judgment, a coach interferes intentionally, the lead runner is out and the play replayed.  If there are no runners, the batter is out.

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